social media · 06. March 2018
A challenging thought: social media is only "whispering in the sounds of silence." Were we warned about this evolution of technology and communication 54 years ago? Are their words prophetic? Read on!
Horror Story · 19. October 2017
Edgar Allan Poe describes the desire and gratification his character experiences in killing an old man. But where does such evil come from? This is being discussed in the elementary school classroom - but what are our kids learning?
11. September 2017
Fear or denial - is that the only choice we have as we consider current events? Let's go deeper with a different perspective - the truth of the Bible.
19. July 2017
A new movie release - why the TV broadcast of its trailer requires a response.
12. July 2017
A nation is about to be invaded and destroyed. The prophet gives warning and explanation. But what does it mean for us? Is it time for divine intervention? Will this be the apocalypse predicted in the Book of Revelation?
27. June 2017
Inspiration - Miley Cyrus asks, "Is anyone watching us down here?" This post suggests the key for unlocking the door to the truth that holds the answer.
24. June 2017
The newest in inspired reading for the Contemporary Christian. Step 4: REVELATION - realize the life chosen. Read "Their After Life."
10. February 2017
This year for Christmas I upgraded my smartphone. I made the switch from Apple to Android. (Yes, I really like my new phone, a Moto Z Force. Yes, there is a learning curve. For one, speech does not work as it did on the iPhone.) Let your android phone read to you with the help of another app, "TTS Reader." I have experimented with this app, and can honestly recommend it to you. Install - from the Play Store install TTS Reader. It's free. You can upgrade later for a one time charge of $4.99 to...
10. February 2017
Current events are not a force unto themselves; but God is in control. This is something I have had to remind my wife and children of recently. It is something I tell myself every day. We spend much time watching current events and expressing political views. We should be spending more time meditating on Scripture, talking to God, and humbling ourselves before Him. There is no country or president that will precipitate a cataclysmic or apocalyptic world event outside of His Providence. God has...
15. August 2016
Wow! My phone is awesome in reading to me! Several people have told me they don't have time to read. I get it. But then, because they are spending much time in their car for their job, they like to listen to books. "Can I listen to your book as I drive?" they have asked. Yes, Yes! I just found settings on my iPhone 6 that reads to me after a page is opened from my app. Simply swipe down on that page with two fingers from the top of the screen. You can even select the voice, choosing an...

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