In the small town of Walthem, Samuel Urban is known as the people’s judge.  Our story begins with a cop rushing to Sam’s home, an arrest warrant in his hand.

    Now Sam will have to fight to establish his innocence and save his reputation from those who desire to lynch him: a mysterious alliance.  From them there will be no reprieve, because they lack understanding.

    Sam is in serious trouble, still, there is a force at work in his life greater than the reckless power of his enemies, which they use to oppress their pawns, minions within their grasp.

    Sam’s journey, one of pitfalls and recovery, is something people still talk about.   During his teenage years he became terribly lost, a victim of unfortunate circumstances and the system’s need to punish: they called it justice served.  Then the decision of Sam’s predecessor, still controversial, changed everything.  Judge Williams saved him from the penalty that loomed like a noose, determined to claim the young man’s life.

    But Sam’s reprieve stirred resentment in one who would become his archenemy. This person seethed in anger at the announcement of Sam Urban’s release from jail and the thought of him going free made his nemesis feel nauseous.

    This is Sam’s story: the mistakes he made, the people he hurt and the grudges they held, but most importantly, the invisible forces that battled for his heart and soul.

    Law enforcement officials despised him, whom they called the “liberal judge,” and welcomed the chance for revenge of the many times he made them appear foolish in his courtroom.


    Battle lines are drawn.  Their game of war is about to commence.  But in truth, life is surely much more than a game.


    More than a nail-biting thriller, “Untold Mercy,” the novel by Alan Updyke, will challenge your faith, expose your misunderstanding of religion, and lead you into a more intimate relationship with God.

    And that’s a tall order!

    Because of their crises and the prodding suggestions made in notes from an anonymous observer, the Advocate, Samuel Urban and his girlfriend, Jodi Culp, despair over the rejection they feel from those who should be helping them: their friends, families, and pastors.  But once emptied of the confidence they held in the institutions represented by those who reject them in their time of desperate need, their minds and hearts are opened to a greater truth: the sincerity of God’s unfailing love.

    It’s mind boggling and truly inspirational!

    The subjects we are told to avoid in conversation, religion and politics, are approached with a sensitivity to the readers’ firmly held beliefs, but the fallacy of such ideals is then exposed by a series of events that will challenge their views. (Don’t worry – the story is set in 1985. With current politics exempt, only the foundations are exposed.)

    The revelation that comes in experiencing the journey of the protagonists is a trek you will be glad you took.



It all happens in 9 DAYS.


A small town in rural PA goes crazy with rumor and accusation.

Secrets of their past are revealed.

Haunts are confronted.

Guilt is released.

Prison doors are opened.


Experience their life change.


Untold Mercy: He kept her secret.


Now it will cost him his life,”

Additional entries: Alan's study notes.

  For those who are discouraged with God - feel abandoned or rejected - I want to share with you why I am giving God another chance. Have you ever wondered what you are missing?

  I've been there. And, I know that it is complicated. But what if you could find true peace, not grounded in self confidence, but in an ongoing experience with an awesome God? !   I'm not saying that I have all the answers, but I have strived personally, studied, watched and analyzed others, and came to some conclusions that you probably won't hear from your pastor - because I found God outside of the box.

  Sharing and encouraging others in these truths is fellowship - the kind that I seek. So yes, I am giving God a second chance - and here's why...

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...relinquish your control.

When life wasn’t fair, God was calling his name. 

Robert Love experienced great loss.  His grandmother died under a cloud of suspicion. Memories of better times became miserable haunts as the skeletons of his past continued to rattle in the closet of deceit.

On the ropes emotionally, fate (or was it God?) intervened to bring Love a new friend, a mentor and wise sage of sorts, with provocative insights. His name is John Wright.

They were perfect strangers when they met but allowed their lives to intersect and in the end each was instrumental in saving the other.  But for Love, it was complicated, much like his life.

Upon becoming better acquainted, it seemed that Wright’s credibility was sketchy at best. Once exposed, Love learned that his new friend was terminally ill. So why had he stopped fighting for his life? Wright has a mysterious past.  

A spiritual battle ensues. Love is nearly killed in a grinding head-on collision and suffers debilitating injuries.  And then, unbelievably, Love’s home is torched and all his possessions are turned into ashes among the smoking ruins.  It is more than a soul can bear; surely he must be cursed!

But it was a greater love that truly saved him once emptied of himself.  Everything changed and ultimately Love endured to discover new hope and a new life.

Is God calling you? This contemporary parable is a guide for the journey of faith that leads to true salvation.


Available at Amazon - CLICK cover photo
Available at Amazon - CLICK cover photo

WISDOM your calling.

Truly alone, his head hanging low, tears are dropping onto his lap. Already disgraced, this pastor feels no need to defend himself.

There have been many arrests of the clergy in recent times, the institutional church is weak, and the public is hungry for revenge. The police are ordered by the District Attorney to bring him in, to answer his accuser for the crime she alleges. 

Robert Love, the clergyman accused of sexually assaulting a minor female, searches his memory for a clue. Had he mistaken the events of his life, the way he saw God working and leading him into the ministry?

His divorce and aggressive response to the false allegation of infidelity brought by legalistic Christians is in his past. More recently there was the baby’s funeral and the unexplained reason for its death, as well as the demise of the mother, to cancer. She had refused radiation treatments, sacrificing her life for another, the unborn child that didn’t survive.

Thrisa is the only bright spot in this pastor’s otherwise dreary work at the parish and she is found in a dumpster, left for dead. Then, answers to the mystery are suddenly revealed at the bedside of a man even as he exhales his last breath.  The final verdict: “not guilty!”


Doubt plagued Robert Love with the simple, haunting question: “why?” But in the midst of all his trouble, wisdom rescues with everlasting peace.


Inspired! Updyke Books - "Alive Again"
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...yield to power consuming.

Young adults and siblings, James and Steffanie Wallas, who tragically lost their parents in a train wreck, are struggling to continue with their lives. 

   They are grieving together until something very strange happens in the cemetery where their parents are buried. Steffanie is confronted by a strange being which resembles her deceased mother.

   James needs absolute proof that their mother has not returned from the dead.  The weight of the evidence needed rests upon a cross necklace, the one their mom gave to Steffanie at her baptism. Rejecting faith, she returned it at the funeral to be buried with all of her hopes and dreams. It was this necklace that she saw the being wearing. Now, James must find the explanation that will bring his sister back from the brink of insanity.

   Rumors leak and their town goes crazy! A police report documents the sighting and the news goes viral.

   A cross necklace, the mystery of resurrection, and one young man's need for answers spin into a whirlwind of controversy that has everyone waiting for the truth to be revealed.


   Not science fiction or fantasy, it’s an emotional story that demonstrates the bravery of true love in the aftermath of tragedy.


Inspired - Updyke Books "Their After Life"
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...realize the life chosen.

The Daniels men held their legacy in secret, preserved for future generations.

Levi Daniels was shot while Confederate soldiers invaded his southern Pennsylvania farm.  In a small wooden box, he took his prized possession to California, seeking better fortune. But as history has it, trouble followed.

As a young boy, Darren is expected to carry the torch.  From his hospital bed, Darren’s grandfather spoke reverently of the responsibility as he bypassed the birthright of the next person in line. It should have been given to Darren’s father, Joseph, but he is still missing.

Darren and his fraternal twin sister, Deidra, are able to avoid their ancestors’ haunts until engaged in the disaster. An earthquake strikes the U.S. and it falls into anarchy. Joseph returns, searching for the remnant of his family.

It is then that the secret of their past is revealed with a compelling message.  America’s heritage, one of faith and unity, speaks to challenge the hearts of the faithful and the patriotic, stirring them to resist the enemy, natural and spiritual.


The future is predicted as the fictional account moves forward in time. This story challenges you to ponder the evidence of our fate. And here is realized a profound and compelling revelation - the greater purpose in it all.


Edify - Encourage - Empower!

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Blessings! Alan Updyke,