In the small town of Walthem, Samuel Urban is known as the people’s judge. Once shown mercy, this magistrate feels obligated to grant unto those brought before him a second chance. Sam’s journey, one of pitfalls and recovery, is something people still talk about.


   It was the intervention of his predecessor that saved Sam from a penalty that loomed like a noose, determined to claim his young life. But his acquittal stirred resentment in one who, unknowingly to Sam, became his archenemy. His nemesis seethed with anger at the news of Sam’s release from prison and the thought of him going unpunished.


  The mysterious alliance that now desires to lynch Sam is not only reclusive, but very powerful and influential, and from them there will be no reprieve, because they lack understanding.  But will he win in the end?


   This is the story about a young couple, Sam and his girlfriend Jodi, but more importantly, it documents the influence of an Advocate, established in truth, for setting them free from their deepest despair. 


   The disgrace of Sam being charged a second time is more than they can bear. They are without hope until they discover a force at work in their lives which is greater than the reckless power possessed by their enemies.  


   Battle lines are drawn. The game of war is about to commence.  But in truth, life is surely much more than a game.   (Based on a true story.



   Alan Updyke

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It all happens in 9 DAYS.


A small town in rural PA goes crazy with rumor and accusation.

Secrets of their past are revealed.

Haunts are confronted.

Guilt is released.

Prison doors are opened.


Experience their life change.


Edify - Encourage - Empower!

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