I'm recommending this book. I loved it and so do many others. It's a must read!

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Sandra S.: “Just want to thank you for your book. It truly was amazing. I can tell you that I am passing it on. On the inside back cover, I started a list for people that have read your book, me being the first, with instructions to review it. Again, thank you.”


Dottie K.: “An excellent read – thank you! I will recommend your book to others. As an author, you put the reader right there, feeling all that is happening. I loved that, and that it is based on a true story.”


Dolores V.: “Yes, I love to read, and this book was one of the best!  It all stood out, and was very enjoyable. I especially liked the characters, as they seem so real.”


Renee C.: “I was caught instantly with the Prologue that asked, ‘What happened to the young child in the car?’ I particularly enjoyed that this was a ‘no skimming’ book, as too many are. Descriptions are so definitive that the reader can see and smell thru the words. My hope is that others will be able to relate to the abyss that people sometimes find themselves in, even if the reader has been fortunate enough not to have experienced such a thing firsthand. An awesome read and one that came to fruition wonderfully.”


Judy S.: “I read the book in three days and had a hard time putting it down. I could relate to the story very well. Wish you the best in getting this out to others to challenge them.”


Glenna P.: “I enjoyed the book and shared much of it in discussion with my husband. I have friends and family members whom I love dearly, but they have been disillusioned by events happening in our world. I would stop to ‘interpret’ the letters from the Advocate, then attempt to decipher how they were intertwined with the theme and what was occurring in the story. Everyone should read this book! Thanks for an enjoyable read and God bless you in your endeavor… I hope it gets published!”


Janis F.: I finished the book quickly. I couldn't put it down! Your writing is so vivid. I could see the scenes clearly in my mind’s eye. A great story with a very important message. I hope you continue to write. I will buy your books for sure!!! I recommend this book to everyone. Thank you so much for letting me be one of the first to read it. God Bless!!!


Carol S.: “I am an avid reader and this is the kind of book I enjoy. I was the editor of our local weekly newspaper, and I loved the job! Words work for me. This is one of the better books I’ve read and it challenged me.”



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