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This year for Christmas I upgraded my smartphone. I made the switch from Apple to Android. (Yes, I really like my new phone, a Moto Z Force. Yes, there is a learning curve. For one, speech does not work as it did on the iPhone.)


 Let your android phone read to you with the help of another app, "TTS Reader."  I have experimented with this app, and can honestly recommend it to you.


Install - from the Play Store install TTS Reader. It's free. You can upgrade later for a one time charge of $4.99 to eliminate the ads.


Here are instructions for its use:


First, Open your text in your web browser - open the Updyke Books app and choose a chapter, (or any web page with lots of text). 

Copy All - hold your finger on text until the COPY SHARE box appears. Touch the three vertical dots in the right of the box. Touch SELECT ALL.


Share to TTS Reader - Touch the arrow on top on the new box that appears. Touch SHARE. Select the TTSReader by touching it.

Play - Touch the play indicator in the orange circle located at the bottom, right of the screen. Touch it again to pause.


Resume listening - return by touching the TTSReader app button on your main screen. Touch the play indicator in the orange circle to resume the reading.

Real nice - TTS Reader remembers your place in the text and resumes reading there.


Settings - touch horizontal lines in the top banner, at left. Set your preferences for reading rate, and more.


OR... use Google Text to Speech

Follow steps above to Copy All. When the next box appears, touch SPEAK. Use the STOP, PLAY indicators. Problem: there is no pause. After every stop, reading resumes at the beginning of the page, or chapter. I hope Google will correct this in an update soon. 


You will catch on real quick after doing the procedure a few times. 


For more on getting your phone to read, go to .


To download my app, go to .  You can preview my books here by listening - have your smartphone read to you while you drive.


Enjoy, enjoy!  And please spread the word, telling your friends about my books.


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