In Truth, God does care...

 Current events are not a force unto themselves; but God is in control.


This is something I have had to remind my wife and children of recently. It is something I tell myself every day.


We spend much time watching current events and expressing political views. We should be spending more time meditating on Scripture, talking to God, and humbling ourselves before Him.


There is no country or president that will precipitate a cataclysmic or apocalyptic world event outside of His Providence. God has already established the timetable for such things.


We need to repent of our dissension: fear and anger over current events.


When does God intervene unto the affairs of man? Well, that is not a question that can be answered in this forum. Perhaps, He more frequently influences. And, He allows, according to His plan. (But don't forget: evil is restrained for our protection. This we need to acknowledge in prayer: praise and request. Meditate on His promises!)


But most importantly, God is caring: for the plight of humanity, for the innocent, for the righteous, for His creation, for the oppression caused by the increase of evil. God is LOVE!


He will assist you and thus effect your response to the events in your life. It is perspective that gives God control.  Perspective changes everything.


How do you expect God to respond to the turmoil of the world? He has already told us. Are you listening?


First, I studied the Book of Revelation. Although I have for many years believed that it was beyond my scope of understanding, I asked for His guidance, and the wisdom of His Spirit.


I outlined the Book, and the chronological order of events became evident. I have been attuned to clues and direction in this quest and many, many times returned to my notes, and the sacred text, to consider and apply new insights.


Still, there are many chapters that I cannot interpret or fully understand. 


Most recently, I have made myself available to the interpretation of others. There are obvious differences, and I wonder how they can overlook key verses that are pointers for me.


I have no agenda to verify; no religious or doctrinal position to establish. I am free of such influence and simply seek the understanding that Jesus said we should have.


And so my journey continues. Pray for me... that I will be pure in heart.


Next, I looked back, into history, to see the evidence of expectations for the future. And finally, I considered how current events may fit into these prophetic and historical understandings.


I can see the buds swelling (parable of the fig tree).


As always, I appreciate your response. If wanted, I can share my outline of Revelation and additional details of the study.


Thank you for your consideration. May God bless you in your pursuits!


In the meantime, please consider my new novel, historical / end times fiction. A link to preview it is provided above.



Alan Updyke


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