Here is a story of mercy and grace. It is among those that urge us to believe in truths higher than our preferred opinions, to act in ways that honor the image of God. “IN THE GAP: When Faith Falls Short” promises these elements with a beautiful theme and intent. We all enjoy stories that spark the imagination in the way the Advocate does - that perhaps someone wiser and more knowing looks out for us and, if we are paying attention, guides us toward best outcomes.

Testing your faith...

   Warning: this book may not be for the delicate, or faint of heart. It is written for a mature audience. If you are the self-righteous, religious type, this book is also not meant for you. ( I expect your opposition. No matter –  mercy has already triumphed over judgment in my life.)

    This book is for those in the gap, as I stand with them.


    Why does God allow His children to suffer? It is a hard question. My best answer is on the pages that follow.

    "In The Gap: When Faith Falls Short" deals with the essence of Christianity, demonstrated by the experience of two people caught in a conflict, the kind that can destroy a person. SYNOPSIS

    Such struggles are more spiritual than religious. If you have been closed-minded to the persuasion of religious teaching and tradition, perhaps this novel will bring new insight. If you have endured personal suffering and a scar remains, don't stop seeking the truth for the healing you need and deserve.


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