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  The main character in this book has a religiosity, established by regulation and tradition, that leaves her trapped in the ‘gap’, despite the help she desperately needs and seeks. Her ‘faith’ proves inadequate as she confronts an accusation of huge proportions and plunges into conflict. It is a severe trial, one that is very personal and realistic for the reader.

  The book is at the least intriguing, but more so convincing. The writer clearly demonstrates that it is not one’s position, but the effect of his or her faith, the evidence of a personal relationship with God, the outcome of devotion, that empowers the individual.

  There are many, an increasing number of ‘Christians’, who are no longer attending church. Their reasons for doing so are many and often complex. But this growing segment of our society, those stepping back from religion, they have not totally abandoned their belief in God.

   Perhaps they are unknowingly looking for a place to belong. If you are among those seemingly ‘unfaithful’ but longing for affirmation, this is a book that you must read, or share with a friend, for it is insightful on many levels to comprehend a greater truth.

  Not academic, The Cross Necklace, For the Sake of Sam, is actually a quick, and easy read. The display of humanity, the descriptive mental and emotional struggles, make the characters seem very real. The script is gritty in describing their indiscretions, realistic for today’s demanding reader.

  The plot has many twists and turns, nagging questions that will keep you engaged as you delve into the story for the answers you need. The main plot is based on a true story, an experience of the author, when he was a journalist, writing for a local newspaper.

  No one should shy away from this novel because of its ‘Christian’ designation. According to the author, the essence of true faith is more spiritual than religious, and as a reviewer, I agree. The demonstration of such ‘life’ is profoundly attractive. I believe you'll see what I mean as you experience the lure of transformational fiction at its best.

  Feel free to copy this review, or any portion of it, and post on your social media. This book comes to you highly recommended.

Here is a story of mercy and grace. It is among those that urge us to believe in truths higher than our preferred opinions, to act in ways that honor the image of God. “THE CROSS NECKLACE" promises these elements with a beautiful theme and intent. We all enjoy stories that spark the imagination in the way the Advocate does - that perhaps someone wiser and more knowing looks out for us and, if we are paying attention, guides us toward best outcomes. Erin Healy, Word Wright Editorial Services


    Why does God allow His children to suffer? It is a hard question. My best answer is on the pages that follow.

    "THE CROSS NECKLACE" deals with the essence of Christianity, demonstrated by the experience of two people caught in a conflict, the kind that can destroy a person. SYNOPSIS  

    Our struggles are more spiritual than religious. Perhaps this novel will bring new insight. If you have endured personal suffering and a scar remains, don't stop seeking the truth for the healing you need and deserve.


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