Are Hurricanes the Judgment of God?

Are Hurricanes the Judgment of God?

In the Bible the book of Job, Chapter 37, describes how God can control nature and the great storms that rage upon the earth. Legalists are using this passage to claim that recent hurricanes are evidence of God’s judgment. But the chapter concludes with verses 23 and 24 which state that in His justice and great righteousness, God does not oppress.


Jesus described current events, which are now happening, in Matthew, Chapter 24, as the beginning of birth pains. So the question is, how long will the earth travail?  Everyone wants to know the answer to this question.


There is a great spiritual battle raging. Satan is warring against the followers of Christ. The evil in our midst is increasingly becoming more and more evident. 


And there are other signs of the end time. Storms are making history by setting new records.  Evil empires are building nuclear weapons, and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea just may be the devil’s agent.


I’m sure many were saying it was the end of the world during World War II.  So I ask: if Hitler had a nuke, would he have used it?  I think the answer is obvious. Such is the difference now.


A time of great tribulation and testing, a time during which Satan comes to rule with dictatorial power is forecasted.  A nuclear bomb, and, or a great earthquake, would cripple America, the world’s super power, allowing the rise of such evil.


Will North Korea eventually attack the USA? Well, that is to be seen, but if it happens we should understand its significance.  I don’t write this to cause fear. I write to reference the warning stated by Jesus, and recorded by John in the book of Revelation. I don’t believe that such portions of the Holy Scripture should be overlooked for the sake of happiness.  For true contentment and security, we must go much deeper than circumstantial pleasure.


How would you respond to an event that brings destruction to change your life forever?  What if our government offered no assistance?


Satan is determined to persuade Christians against God. In anger and rebellion, many will deny Christ.


Beware of what you hear and accept in your heart. The blame game is part of Satan’s great deception.


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Perhaps we should be asking what will be born of the earth’s labor pains.  God will create a new heaven and a new earth, with evil eradicated, upon which He and those redeemed in Jesus Christ, will dwell eternally in perfect harmony, forever abiding in His peace.  This is God’s promise of enduring love!


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