Meet the Author

Alan Updyke
Alan Updyke with his son Zachary and favorite pet, "Mr. Dickens".


Alan Updyke is a retired journalist. At the time of his retirement, he was the publisher of a community newspaper that reached 10,000 weekly readers.


His tenure included photo journalism, feature writing, and editing. His purpose with the newspaper was to inform the public and to assist his readers in promoting their community projects. He often helped those who suffered personal tragedies by printing insightful reports and promoting fundraisers. 


His passion now is to write novels that inspire.


“I’m still learning what faith is,” Updyke notes. “At this time in my life it means to stop counting – time and money. With each sunrise I trust God for the provision to continue this new work. Each day is special, and I am grateful.”


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Blessings! Alan Updyke