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Adopted His love and commitment are beyond measure.

Attacked You can be free from the power of evil, and protected from it.

Blamed God is love, and He wants to heal you.

Condemned God is waiting for you.

Deceived God will make love perfect in you.

Desired God is intense on loving you.

Despised He carried our sorrows.

Empowered You can beat it - with supernatural power!

Faithful God will never forsake you.

Heaven It will be glorious!

Holy Spirit God offers you supernatural power!

Ignited You can have God's power for your life.

Inheritance You are no longer a slave, but a son.

Ransomed You are worth dying for.

Rejected Life doesn't work without God.

Repentance God wants to change you.

Repented No matter what you have done, there is forgiveness here.

Salvation God will help you now.

Spiritual Adultery It's an unfaithful relationship.

Tempted God has provided a way of escape.

Transformed God will help you become the person you desire to be.

Trinity God is here for you now.

Edify - Encourage - Empower!

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Blessings! Alan Updyke