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The Zombie Report

Young adults and siblings, James and Steffanie Wallas, who tragically lost their parents in a train wreck, are struggling to continue with their lives.  The loss is more than Steffanie can bear. She is unable to cope with the change.


James must help his sister. They are striving together until something very strange happens in the cemetery where their parents are buried. Steffanie is attacked by a zombie.


James, doubting the real existence of Zombies, needs absolute proof that their mother has not returned from the grave.  This is perhaps the only thing that will bring his sister back from the brink of insanity as she leans over the edge of the cliff of complete delirium, and mental illness.


The weight of the evidence needed rests upon a cross necklace, the one their mom gave to her daughter at her baptism. Rejecting faith, Steffanie returned it at the funeral to be buried with all of her hopes and dreams. It was this necklace that she saw the zombie wearing.


Rumors leak and the hysteria of a small town draws wider attention as a local newspaper reporter probes into the police report.


A cross necklace, the mystery of resurrection, and one young man’s need for answers, spin into a whirlwind of controversy that has the world waiting for the truth to be revealed.


Join in this quest.  



Love Endures Hope Abounds

Truly alone, feeling lost in time and space, his head hanging low, tears were dropping onto his lap. Already disgraced, this pastor felt little need to defend himself. Little did he know that they were soon coming with a warrant for his arrest. The police had been ordered by the District Attorney to bring this pastor in to answer his accuser for the crimes she alleged. 

There had been many arrests of the clergy in recent times, the institutional church was weak, and the public was hungry for revenge.

Robert Love, the clergyman accused of sexually assaulting a minor female, searched into his past, examining his memories for clues to understand his present dilemma. Had he misunderstood the events of his life, the ways he saw God working and leading him into the ministry? Had his Heavenly Father deserted him now? Was it all a fraud?

This book answers the difficult questions about religion, faith, and God. Whether you are a doubter, or a believer, this story will challenge you to reconsider the foundations of your belief, or disbelief.

Such understanding is a journey. “Love Endures Hope Abounds” explicitly describes the faith journey of a man who became a pastor and now is about to be disgraced, discrediting the choices he made during his entire adult life. But you will be surprised at the book’s ending as the mystery unfolds.

This contemporary parable is accompanied by a glossary that explains religious terms that represent spiritual principles presented and highlighted in the text.

It’s more than a great story based on true life experiences. The truths expressed here simply and clearly demonstrated by the traumas of love, Love’s hardships, will inspire you for new hope.

Edify - Encourage - Empower!

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Blessings! Alan Updyke