Approaching the ISSUES: abuse, divorce, euthanasia, loss, legalism, judgment, apocalypse, etc.

What is the cross you bear? Find God’s help in SALVATION, WISDOM, RESURRECTION, and REVELATION. 

… for the contemporary Christian.


The Contemporary Christian Series:

Mysterious Thrillers; Faith-Building Fiction. These easy reading novels detail modern life experiences that teach greater truths. 


STEP 1: Salvation - relinquish your control. “Love Endures Hope Abounds”

STEP 2: Wisdom - discover your calling. “Wonder and Fear”

STEP 3: Resurrection - yield to power consuming. “Alive Again”

STEP 4: Revelation - realize the life chosen. “Their After Life”


Edify - Encourage - Empower!

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Blessings! Alan Updyke