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    Here is s a story of mercy and grace. It is among those that urge us to believe in truths higher than our preferred opinions, to act in ways that honor the image of God in others.

     "UNTOLD MERCY" promises these elements with a beautiful theme and intent. We all enjoy stories that spark the imagination in the way the Advocate does - that perhaps someone wiser and more knowing looks out for us and, if we are paying attention, guides us toward best outcomes.

    Request your link to download "UNTOLD MERCY," the e-book edition. We sure do need such stories these day, don't we?


    He is unseen. His message is often unheard, his presence undetected. But behind the scenes, the Advocate is working in your life, and He has a reason for doing so: Untold Mercy.

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He kept her secret. Now it will cost him his life.










It all happens in



9 Short








  A small town in rural PA goes

  crazy with rumor and accusation.


  Secrets of their past are revealed.


  Haunts are confronted. 


  Guilt is released.


  Prison doors are opened.


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